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«INSHI MEREZHI» LLC is one of the market leaders in oversized cargo transportation, offers the most profitable
conditions of oversized cargo's delivery for its customers not in Ukraine only, but also abroad, including the
preparation of all necessary documents.
The services offered by our company includes the route's planning and researching of transportation, obtaining of
necessary permits, special permissions for oversized cargo's transports, and arranging of escort for exceptional
transports by special pilot cars, transport police and/or security services.
Company receives one-year European permissions for definite equipment dimensions. Therefore, if your cargo falls
under the specified standards, the term of time from the customer's request to real transportation will be reduced
On basis of many years of working in the sphere of oversized cargo transportation we have developed effective
strategy of mutual cooperation with customers and established a reputation as a reliable partner in the field of
oversized cargo transportation.

Since 1999 Private Company "INSHI MEREZHI" carried out the first order for oversized cargo transportation. Since
2001 after business restructuring "INSHI MEREGHI" Private Company was reorganized as "INSHI MEREZHI" Limited
Liability Company. Same year our Company became as associated member of Association of International Carriers of
Ukraine (AIRC of Ukraine), and the next year "INSHI MEREZHI" LLC became a member of Association of International
Forwarders of Ukraine (AIFFU).
Rendering forwarding services “INSHI MEREGHI” LLC plays a considerable part in the development of the transportation
branch of Ukraine.
Our Company was more than once recognized as “Leader of transportation branch” within all-Ukrainian project "Ukraine
Transport" for its high quality services as transporter of oversized, heavy and dangerous cargo.
Since 2009 we have obtained the customs carrier permission giving us the right to transport goods which are under
customs clearance without customs supervision and payments for customs clearance charges.

We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal and on basis of considerable work experience, we can deliver the
most heavy loads transportation by optimal routes.
The trucks fleet of the Company includes twenty special DAF and Renault tractors and twenty five special
semi-trailers manufactured in Belgium, Holland and Germany for oversized heavy cargo transportation.
Regular fleet replacement enables us to respond promptly to our customers' requests and perform a wide variety of
orders for non-standard cargo transportation. For example, semi-trailers platforms can be extendable up to 30.0 m
and they are designed for cargo transportation with a payload up to 80.0 tons - for instance, for transportation of
railway wagons, non-standard containers, steel constructions, as well as the transportation of machines and road
equipment, etc. Extendable low-deck semi-trailers with the platform height 0.5-0.6 m and payload capacity from 20.0
up to 64.0 tons give us the opportunity to transport any oversized or heavy cargoes, beginning with combines and
ending with products of metallurgical and engineering enterprises, with minimum expenditures for obtaining special
If it is possible to transport your exceptional or heavy cargo by road transport, "INSHI MEREZHI" LLC have the
suitable vehicle for your task.



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