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Question: I need to transport non-standard cargo, but I am not a specialist and I do not know the order procedure nor the order for payment calculation of service. May I advise on this matter at your firm before request filling?

Answer: Of course, you can consult with our specialists by phone or arrange a personal meeting and come in our office. There is another alternative - to ask interesting questions by means of the form at our web-site or by e-mail We will answer any questions concerning the management of heavy cargo transportation and effective normative documents (see also the section «Documents» at our web-site).

Question: How do I calculate the cost of oversized heavy cargoes transportation?

Answer: Calculation is made particularly for each case, so there are no companies having a deal with oversized cargo transportation which have a standard price-list with ton cost for kilometre.

The cost for large-sized (heavy) cargo transportation is calculated based on transportation cost, permission documents and, if necessary, - support costs (cover, transport of State Auto Inspection).

Depending on the size of the cargo, the specialized rolling stock is selected, traffic road is chosen, and cost of permission documents is calculated. Of course, we offer the cheapest way of transportation for a customer selecting a specialized trawl, depending on cargo weight and its size. For example, to transport cargo with a height of 3, 0 m it is necessary to to use the semitrailer with loading height of 1,4 m, truck train is not suitable in accordance with approved sizes, if to use drop-frame semitrailer up to 1,0 m, special permissions will be required .

The possibility of transportation fulfillment (not all cargoes can be delivered at a particular place, there are insuperable obstacles) depends on the route, and also the quantity and cost of special permissions. If a customer asks us to transport cargo with a width of 6,0 m and a height 8,0 m - we answer immediately: it is impossible, it is necessary to disassemble.

In any cases we fairly answer that it is unprofitable for a customer to order transportation under real reasons: vehicle giving needs money, so cargo transportation from Odessa region to Nikolaev region is cheaper using services of local carriers.

Concerning difficult international transportations, many things depend on presence of permissions of those countries through which the traffic route will be laid.

As we do not have right to change service cost after announcement to the customer, so calculation demands certain time.

Question: How much time does it take to receive permissions?
Answer:  It can take two months, and in some cases and half a year ... For example, the French permission takes 40 days, Belgian - 45, German - from 5 working days to two weeks. It is all according what and where you are going to transport. To reduce this term we have almost for all vehicles so called one-year European permissions which allows cargo transporting without additional permissions for cargo transportation which corresponds to the definite sizes. However, it is all according what the cargo sizes and transportation route are.

Question: How much does it cost to receive permission for heavy cargo transportation?

Answer: The cost for obtaining permission is an estimated value which depends on the transport vehicle and route.

Depending on the transportation distance and real excess of acceptable weight and (or) axial loadings, the compensation is charged for road clothes and artificial constructions damage. For excess of acceptable sizes the road organizations, which services general using highways, also collect payment, but not everywhere there is this payment.

Mainly, cargo size overriding has an influence on cost of permission registration across population centre. And this fact demands necessity of carrying out special actions for the vehicle admission under transmission line.

The services cost of the matching organizations can be added also permission cost.

Question: Is it possible to obtain permission at your office if we wish to transport cargo independently?
Answer: Yes, of course, we can receive the necessary permissions for you. Moreover, as separate service we also offer drawing up of the project of transportation with search of a route for non-standard cargoes and receiving necessary conclusions at the organizations authorized for carrying out routes inspection. Further, having the project, you can choose whichever carrier offers the optimum price for you.

Question: What advantages does road transportation have over railway transportation in case of oversized heavy cargoes?
Answer: Every type of transportation has its own advantages, but road transportation has wider opportunities in comparison with the railway transportation in many cases for oversized heavy cargoes transportation. Restrictions of motor transport on weight of transported cargo are more considerable in comparison with other types of transport that is connected, first of all, with restrictions on artificial road constructions (in particular, bridges).

However, specificity of motor transport and its roads allows to apply the whole system of means for restrictions expansion - for example, time detours or road, bridge reconstruction, local roadway strengthening, various technologies of cargo transportation on an artificial construction, for example with uncoupling of a hauler and "dragging" cargo semitrailer etc.

Another considerable advantage of road transportation is the opportunity to deliver cargo as much as possible closer to an unloading place whereas the railway transportation more often demands additional cargo transportation from the railroad track to a final point by the same motor transport. And this is incurs additional expenses.



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