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Obtaining permissions for oversized cargo transportation in Ukraine, Europe and CIS

It is necessary to visit Ministry of Transport of every country during oversized transportations, across which country oversized transportation is done, to obtain special permission for passing oversized and\or heavy truck train.
Time for obtaining necessary documents can be varied from some days to some months depending on sizes of oversized and/or heavy truck train.
It is necessary more time to execute Russian, French, Spanish, Italian special permission, and term for obtaining oversized transportation permission can be up to three months.

Carrier must have special permission for oversized and/or heavy truck train transportation, issued by every country, across which transportation is done.

Registration number of a definite transport vehicle, its weight and size, driver’s surname, transportation route (with indicating streets of towns), approved term and route time, some restrictions are indicated in this document.
For example, oversized cargo transportation is allowed only at night; in Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia it is allowed, as a rule, by day.
Oversized heavy transportation without special permissions is sternly punished in every country, because damage for roadway, artificial constructions, and bridges can be very considerable.
For example, in Ukraine a law-breaker pays double payment for road fee, and unplanned inspection is arranged by the State Auto Inspection for rules and conditions observance.

In Russia penalty for route shift is almost USD 20 000. In Europe, except of significant penalty, a carrier company can be deprived permission or forbidden entry of truck motors owing to a carrier on the territory of European Community for rights violation of oversized cargo transportation.

Of course, there are so called “beaten” oversized transportation routes, but new transportation requires doing the same procedures for new obtaining permission. Road situation can be changed at some parts: it can be new transmission lines, additional asphalt level, snow rolled by motors or repairs works etc.

These situations can be often occurred; therefore every new route is laid over again. Of course, this task relates to forwarding companies offered such services, but not Ministry of Transport. In Ukraine “Inshi Merezhi” LLC offers such top-level forwarding services.

To lay route across Ukraine from A point to B point, our company assigns specialists’ team to make measurements to clarify possible route for truck train. Let us suppose, route inspection is successful, but less than one bridge a truck can pass. If search of another bypass route is ineffective, it is necessary to do this task again and lay another transportation route.

  Specialists’ team makes notes about bridges, over bridges, railway crossing, transmission line and every communication. Then we define owners of these networks and communications and after this procedure we consult with them to coordinate our work and receive necessary documentation.

Thus, equipment delivery for plants and factories, metal constructions for building project, combines for fields are transported owing to use of specialized vehicles, special permissions and agreements.



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