Main / Services / Escorting of exceptional transports by special pilot cars for CIS countries

Depending on sizes of oversized heavy cargo, road conditions, and bridge crossing conditions during transportation route, you can order our service for cargo support by cover vehicles.
Support of oversized cargo relates to additional expenditure for this oversized transportation, but these expenditures are reasonable.
“Inshi Merezhi” LLC offers services for support of oversized heavy and long cargo transportation by our vehicles both across Ukraine and CIS countries.
Our drivers are top-level specialists, have special preparation, know their route for oversized heavy cargo transportation, they can find out the solution of the problem arising out support process.

Cover vehicles are equipped with all necessary instruments such as flashing beacon, radio stations, and markings for cover transport with oversized heavy cargo.
Special signals and marking inform traffic participants, who are on both sides of traffic way, that there is oversized heavy and long cargo transportation in accordance with regime and rules for oversized cargo transportation.



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