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Agricultural equipment transportation

Agricultural equipment transportation is one of the most demanded services in the sphere of non-standard cargoes transportation in Ukraine, because many regions are traditionally oriented towards agricultural sector. Due to the long-term cooperation with the manufacturers, we studied thoroughly agricultural equipment for transportation.
For such equipment transportation the company uses both drop-frame semitrailers “Jumbo” with arches for agricultural machinery wheels, and drop-frame trailers which have loading platform height of 0.50 – 0.60 m. Also drop-frame trailers with loading platform height 0.90 m are available, expanding from 10.0 m in folded state to 21. 0 m at the maximum stretching.

Agricultural equipment usually is not heavy cargo as, for example, construction equipment, therefore trailers with load-carrying capacity of
40.0 ton are sufficient for its transportation.

Easy flammable access ramps are used equipment to be lifted to the platform. Or it can be drop-frame semitrailer and equipment can be lifted by means of unfastened trawl front body.

The main peculiarity of agricultural equipment is detachable vehicle. It means that during transportation it is necessary to take into consideration not only weight and sizes, but also possibility/impossibility of locating detachable assembly on the same platform which directly influences on the final cost for service rendering for a customer. Taking care of customer’s cost saving, our experts will choose the most profitable way for agricultural equipment transportation.



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