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Oversized and heavy cargo transportation

«INSHI MEREZHI» LLC transported cargo with weight of 40.0 – 70.0 ton across the territories of Ukraine, CIS, and also Western Europe.

For this type of transportation the company uses specific motor trailers with technical characteristics and design which allow not only transporting safely heavy cargoes, but also to reduce the damage for roadway and this fact involves minimization of transportation cost.

Safety and reliability of oversized special equipment transportation is provided by using special truck trains with various platform length and width, with limit entrance angle and small loading height.

In Europe, the oversized cargo weight has a principal importance. If it exceeds 60 ton, additional inspection of artificial constructions through the traffic route is required practically in all countries.
Of course, it increases transportation cost, and also the number of necessary permission documents.
Much transportation of project cargoes relates to this type of transportation - one of the most difficult types of cargo transportation demanding power cut, lifting or even reinstallation of transmission lines or even landscape modification.
The difficulty of such transportation is what it needs to develop a detailed plan for a project because of losses volume and transportation result depend on each road metre.
The company bearing responsibility for transportation should provide high reliability for oversized heavy cargoes delivery.

Strong business cooperation of our company with the enterprises authorized for traffic routes inspection and obtaining special permissions for pass of a heavy truck train allows comparing the real facilities, terms and cost for such transportation.

Well-established business with foreign partners gives us possibility to execute and receive all necessary agreements and to organize heavy equipment support by cover vehicles and if necessary – traffic police or protection motorcar throughout the whole cargo transportation way in the shortest time and with the least expenditures.



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