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Passenger vehicle transportation

Transport vehicles designed for passenger transportation are very specific cargoes. A big amount of glass and plastic parts in vehicles makes this cargo extremely fragile. High cost of any parts of vehicle transportation makes this process responsible even for short distance.
Besides a passenger vehicle is frequently classified as oversized cargoes when it is transported by another vehicle.
“INSHI MEREZHI” LLC has a great experience in management of passenger equipment transportation. Together with “Sumytransexpeditsia” we carried out the first world transportation of the craft TU-104M, and we transported one of the biggest cargo-passenger helicopters MI-26 for the Ukrainian State Museum of Aviation. In 2008 transportation of a new plane -148 was transported from Kharkov to Iran. We transported crafts not once for Nikolaev Aircraft Repair Enterprise, particularly transportation of the craft -24.
Our company transported not one time railways carriages with a weight 50 ton.
Also “Inshi Merezhi” LLC signed an agreement with Voronezh Aircraft Construction Cooperation for transportation of AH from Kiev to Voronezh.
Our company transported a new trolleybus LAZ from Lvov to Moscow, VDNH (Exhibition of Economic Achievements), and then to St. Petersburg. A lengthened drop-frame trailer with 21metre length was used.
Our company has a deal not only with oversized heavy cargoes transportation and also with overseas and port transportations, thus we have regularly transported different boats, vessels, motor boats, keel yachts within our country and abroad.
Yachts and boats are very expensive and fragile cargo and their construction is designed for uniform distributed water pressure when they are in water, and that is the reason for their transportation to be estimated as definitely as possible. We have an own vehicle fleet at our disposal for yacht and boat transportation and also necessary fastening equipment to secure gel coat and chromed parts of a vessel.